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Yorda vs. Elika: Gameplay, AI, and human empathy

April 26, 2018 1 min read

[What's the best way to make Destructoid's Front Page? MS Paint illustrations and Shania Twain references. Obviously. Oh, and you also have to write a super kick-ass blog that delineates the difference between a gaming companion being merely a gameplay mechanic and actually being an extension of the player via emotional connections and willing utility. Obviously. genoforprez kicks off his campaign for the office of Destructoid's heart with this super in-depth, interesting, and encompassing read pointing out what makes Yorda a great gaming companion and Elika a glorified button prompt. - Wes]

Hello Destructoid community! I am a long-time visitor and commenter but baby blogger. This will be my first blog on the site, but I hope to continue sharing my thoughts on other topics in the future. Nice to meet you!

Yorda vs. Elika: Gameplay, AI, and human empathy screenshot