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Yoshi's Crafted World and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn are both out in March

January 08, 2019 2 min read

Yoshi's Crafted Worldhas a March 29 release date in mind for Nintendo Switch, while Kirby's Extra Epic Yarnis coming to 3DS just a few weeks earlier on March 8, according to Nintendo. That's two arts-and-crafts platformers in the same month, and I definitely know which one I'm going to prioritize.

Nintendo hasn't had a whole lot to share about Yoshi's Crafted World lately, but the game has Poochy Pups as hidden collectibles, Baby Bowser and Kamek make their return, and there's two-player co-op support. Last we heard, Nintendo was setting aside extra time, hence the curious no-show at E3 2018. If it's even half as creative as my all-time bestie Yoshi's Islandwas back in the day, I'll be ecstatic.

One wrinkle to the usual platformer proceedings is that "stages can be played backwards, providing new perspectives to explore and new ways to locate some of the more craftily hidden items."

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, on the other hand, is an enhanced 3DS version of the 2010 Wii game Kirby's Epic Yarn. I'm not sure how many of you are looking to relive that laid-back experience, but Nintendo has added mini-games, more decorations for Kirby's Pad, and a Devilish mode for an extra challenge.

The other notable feature for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarnis a range of new Ravel Abilities. Per Nintendo, a few examples include "a giant yarn ball used to attack enemies, a wire sword that can slice through anything, and the Nylon ability, which can generate wind for jumping higher and collecting beads."

Nintendo has also incorporated amiibo support in the form of "Kirby hats and abilities," so you'll have another reason to bust out your figures before sending them back to wherever it is they're stashed.

Yoshi's Crafted World and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn are both out in March screenshot