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You can now link your Blizzard account with Destiny 2

July 13, 2017 1 min read

I remember an era before Battle.net existed, and now, we're in an age where it's dead. Playing Diablo over a 56K modem was rough, so when Diablo II arrived with a fully featured Battle.net infrastructure, it was an unreal upgrade (having a second set of gear as showoff "chatroom garb" was the absolute best). 

Battle.net was a triumph, and although it still technically exists in (machine) spirit, it's also not proper anymore -- Blizzard insists that you just call it...Blizzard App, instead of the [good] previous catchall term that could simultaneously refer to the app and the online service.

Ranting aside, you can now link your Battle.net Blizzard account with Destiny 2, because yes, Activision Blizzard is a thing and the game will be using Blizzard's experience to make the PC version smoother. What does it do? Not much right now, but it'll save you the trouble of going through it later. If the rumored Diablo II remake is actually coming at some point, you'll confuse a whole lot of people by saying you want to play "D2."

Plus, people are already joking about Guardian themed Overwatch skins, which would pretty much blow up the internet. Just follow this link here for instructions if you're keen on linking Bungie and Blizzard.

Help [Bungie.net]

You can now link your Blizzard account with Destiny 2 screenshot