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You could win a PlayStation 5 from Daily Esports GG

July 10, 2020 1 min read

Well, this is a pretty big one.

The next console generation is nearly upon us, which means it’ll soon be time for folks to trade up to some brand new hardware. However, the cost of entry for the next console generation is going to be considerably lower for one lucky individual. 

www.DailyEsports.gg is giving away a free PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. We launched some brand new forums and comments software and want people kicking the tires on it. If core esports aren't your thing, they also frequently cover Pokemon trade codes and guides and Smash drama, so please consider adding it to your feed.

Although the price of the console hasn’t been officially announced yet, our family of websites have committed to purchasing one for a member of the site’s forums. To win it, all you need to do is head on over to the Daily Esports forums and start chatting! It’s really that easy. Destructoid founder Papa Niero is also the invisible hand there, along with editor-in-chief and chief of all beards, Taha Zaidi. Go say hi! 

On November 24th, we’ll pick out one member of the forums and pre-order the console to be shipped directly to them. Or, if they’re not in North America, give them the equivalent cost of the console in US Dollars via bank transfer, Paypal, or Amazon gift card.

Head on over to the Daily Esports forums for more details. Good luck!

You could win a PlayStation 5 from Daily Esports GG screenshot