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Yu Suzuki says Shenmue 3 character models 'mostly temporary'

August 23, 2017 1 min read

Yesterday, the world finally got its first teaser trailer for the very long-awaited Shenmue III. However, the trailer elicited some guffaws from the back of the room for it's blank-faced, dead-eyed character models.

Director Yu Suzuki, speaking to Game Spark, has stated that these character models are mostly temporary and largely incomplete. "Shenhua still has to be fixed up a bit,” said Suzuki of the recent footage. Generalising that "This is a character close to completion. This one is temporary. This one is also temporary. This one is temporary, too."

As for facial animations, none were coded for the trailer. "Facial expressions were implemented a month ago, but were temporarily removed,” Suzuki confirmed. Also of note, the director stated that he was interested in the concept of making Shenmue IV, and that he feels the Shenmue story shouldn't be "forced" to completion.

Hmmm... maybe, once again, Ryo will be yet to find closure for his tale when Shenmue III arrives on PC and PS4 late next year.

Yu Suzuki interview [Game Spark]

Yu Suzuki says Shenmue 3 character models 'mostly temporary' screenshot