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Zelda fans! Watch Link shoot Ganon with his nipples

June 24, 2017 1 min read

How many of you are holding farts down in your chairs twenty times a day? Sure, you indulge yourself like a Chinatown trash compactor, but have you ever considered that you might be lactose intolerant? Studies indicate that 75% of gamers who are 100% people aren't 25% lactoblasters, got that? If you're suffering from passive milk-related farts please try switching to almond milk, stay more hydrated in general, and don't drink so much goddamn coffee. These free flatulence management tips have been a public service announcement from a person that goes to gaming conventions with you.

As for more solid games journalism, here's Link squeezing his titties.

The creator of this video, Lyle McDouchebag, is set to make an appearance on Destructoid's soon-to-be-rebooted Youtube Channel.  If you've never heard of him I also recommend his Nihilist's Guide to E3, it's totally worth your nine minutes. Pull up a refreshing bowl of cold turtle blood and check out his channel, it's fiiiiiiire. FIIIIIRE!

Zelda fans! Watch Link shoot Ganon with his nipples screenshot